Tuesday, March 5, 2013

How brightly they shine

This city is about to reach a major birthday, 100 years as the capital of Australia.  A political centre that has grown over time, drawing people to it from across the country and the globe, Canberra continues to build as a centre of creativity and thought.  Though many Australians would deny it, this city has a lot that captures the imagination.

Recently tagged the second most liveable city in Australia, and let down only by its extremes of weather, tonight it is pleasantly warm, and a great evening to explore Enlighten, now an annual festival that makes the most of the city's public buildings.   Colour, light, and movement - and everyone is out with their cameras and tripods, families and friends.  As enchanting as the pictures on the buildings, couples and families poise like statues, young and old, waiting for the pictures to change, and celebrating together the beauty of this event.  Enlighten is part of the Canberra Centenary festival, and will continue through to 9 March.

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