Saturday, September 4, 2010

A taxi hailed in the suburbs

Friday lunchtime.  Dropped my car home as the windscreen was being replaced - due to a chip and a crack from a few days before.  Wandered down to the bus stop, hoping a bus would come by.  Waited five or ten minutes and then began to get a bit anxious about getting back to work as I didn't want to take too long a lunch break.

As I walked up the street to try another bus stop, I saw a taxi and signalled to the driver.  He waivered for a minute, then stopped for me, and said 'I'm going to Woden, you can come if you are going to Woden'.  My reply - ''that's great, that's where I'm going'.

The driver explained that he had just been to the mosque - it being a  Friday. He was wearing his clothes for prayer, and was meeting his wife in Woden to change and to start his shift.  He said, I find, when I pray that god puts thing in your way.   I was pleased to get back to work in good time.