Saturday, February 9, 2013

I'm sorry Shane Howard

I'm sorry Shane Howard, I googled you on my phone while watching your show as the opener for Carole King.
I'm sorry Shane Howard, I didn't remember you were the singer of the Goanna Band's hit song from the 80s about Ayers Rock.
I'm sorry Shane Howard, I didn't realise your website was going to launch into playing that song.
I'm sorry Shane Howard, I should know my phone better,
I tried squeezing my phone, and swiping it to get the browser menu up, but nothing worked.
I'm so so sorry...
- it was me playing Solid Rock from the audience while you were introducing it, and me who couldn't turn it off.
I'm sorry Shane Howard, but I did enjoy much of your show, especially the song you opened with - I'd rather be here.  It was wonderful.

Special mention should be made of Carole King's fantastic show that followed.  It is, in fact, her birthday today (thanks google).  So Happy Birthday Carole, and thank you for writing the sound track to our lives, for continuing to sing it so beautifully and for being such a glowing and energetic performer.  What an inspiration!

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