Monday, February 1, 2010


Here it is, the first day of the second month of a year that is now no longer new.  I went back to to work in the first week of January, and it has been a good month, but the time is coming to firm up some plans for the year, and maybe some plans for a replenishing break - perhaps a few weeks over the end of Feb and early Mar.  Or one in Sep and Oct.  Or both.

My weekend was busy and fun.  Fri night saw a lovely impromptu dinner at a friend's house.  Then we saw Fred Smith and the Spooky Men's Chorale at the Canberra Playhouse, a theatre designed along the lines of Shakespeare's globe.  Buying our tickets on the day for this popular local performer (and accompanying and very funny men's choir) meant we sat up in the high stalls on the side.  There were just five of us in our box.  It was cosy, and quite fabulous to look down on the full theatre, and wave at friends, and watch the audience participate in the show - standing up and swaying on command when Fred asked.

Sat night joined friends for a picnic in the botanic gardens for jazz in the Eucalypt lawns.  It was a lovely atmosphere, quite cool (for a change) and lots of groups of friends, and families, and work mates.

The year ahead offers more shows at the theatre as a group of us subscribe.  Also films at the local university's film group, and I'm sure some folk music from time to time.  And there is a program of books for book group to fit in around the other books in the pile.  In other ways too the year is beginning to settle into its usual patterns.  Yoga classes start again tomorrow night, and I am looking forward to it after a month's break.   And I have opened the pages of the new music book - to hopefully let my fingers and my mind stretch into the new tunes I hope to learn.

With all of these rhythms taking hold, I think though, that I still need that longer break, to rest, refresh, reorganise some things in my life, and perhaps indulge in travel or other new adventures.

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