Sunday, February 21, 2010

A day in the sun

Yesterday the sky was sunny and blue.   It was good day to get things done.  In the morning I:

  • read the Saturday papers
  • went for a run
  • started the washing
  • looked at two houses for sale to see if they were for me (not yet)
  • did the grocery shopping
then in the afternoon, I:

  • finished the washing
  • caught up with a friend, first at her spiritual centre, and then for ride around the lake
  • did some drumming (or tried) at a Mother Nature festival
  • forgot to take my camera so couldn't photograph the pagan ceremony that opened the festival
  • stumbled home to sleep
It was a fun ride around the lake, with people out everywhere enjoying the aforementioned beautiful day.  Many like us were cycling or walking on the bike paths.  Hundreds went to the National Gallery to see the French Masterpieces exhibition - meaning our usual parking spot was a traffic jam.  Then we passed a wedding in one of the parks, a rowing regatta on the lake, and folk streaming into government house to sit on the lawns and enjoy the local symphony orchestra.  Whatever the weather the lake ride is always enjoyable, but yesterday it was lovely, and great to see Canberrans out celebrating the last days of summer.

The Mother Nature festival was something else.  I was there because I do drumming classes and our teacher is sometimes asked to put together a group to perform, and when he does he sends the invitation out far and wide.  I discovered last year when I said yes to one of these that it can be a lot of fun.  I'm not a serious drummer though, and had only been able to make it to one of two rehearsals, so was a bit rusty even on the rhythms we had practiced.  The core group really did a fabulous job though, and the sounds of the dun duns and jembes really caught the attention of the crowds.

Then we sat and watched the opening ceremony for the festival, which involved five maidens in flowing gowns, carrying sprigs of leaves, and a smoke filled bowl, and annointing the crowd with water.  Fifty or so people formed a circle around them, and the girls led a yoga like breathing session, ending with arm raising and a group hum.

This was (at least) my second spiritual event for the day (or third if you count drumming), as I had also been 'given light' by my friend at the centre.  This involves sitting and lying on the floor while my friend performs reiki like moves on my body.  I don't have any strong belief here, but I don't mind the opportunity to relax and to catch up with my friend, hopefully respectful of the good that is in her practices.

It was a day full of the kinds of experiences I enjoy - to observe the things that engage people, and to see how it gives their lives meaning.  I like to let my soul be in different places, to see what will seep under my skin, and hope that some will resound to others.  I will have to do more drumming practice though, if I have any intention of doing more public drumming!

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