Monday, January 11, 2010

Hot, hot, hot

January, Canberra, and no surprises it is hot, hot, hot.  Stagnating, stifling, dry heat hot (38 degrees for about three or four days).  We got in a bike ride on Sat morning with the aid of plenty of water, and the promise of coffee.  Then shopping took over, as an excuse to be inside in air conditioning.

Had a lovely picnic Saturday night at an outdoor cinema at our National film and sound archive.  Friends got there early and saved great seats at the front - lovely deckchairs, with cushions!  We saw an Australian film from the 80s, Malcolm, in which a slightly apsberger afflicted guy rents out his spare room to a bank robber and his girlfriend.

Malcolm loves trams, and mechanical gadgets, including a car that splits in half and a motorised letterbox.  The three of them flee to Portugal after staging a successful robbery using mobile ashtrays, complete with cameras, microphones and stun guns.  Great getaway scenes and overall very funny.

Since Sat it has continued to be hot, and there has been more shopping, and work, pleasantly air conditioned.

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