Sunday, January 3, 2010

Dear blog - here I am, taking a break in Sydney - three nights at the YHA at the Rocks, and the chance to catch up with friends and do a bit of shopping and touring.  Today the art gallery and botanic gardens, the first to meet up with a cousin, and the second a friend that I did a cycling tour with 12 months ago. 

Saw a fabulous installation at the art gallery, they have built faux rooms around the brass statues outside the building.  Famous men on their horses are now placed within a bedroom and a living room.  In the bedroom the bed sits under the horse, rider still atop.  In the lounge room built higher into the status, a horses head sits on the coffee table, and a brave warrior's head inside the wall unit.  Fabulous.  Also saw some Indian art from a Raj's palace in Rajastan.

Then met up in the gardens with N who is a keen artist and writer.  So no surprise we talked a lot about writing and creativity. 

Finished off the night seeing Nowhere Man at the Dendy at Circular Quay - about a 10 min walk from the YHA.  Missing the keyboard, and the funny piano pieces I've been teaching myself.  Its great to be in the big smoke for a few nights though.

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