Saturday, January 14, 2012

Some questions about chords

There are many ideas and ideologies that run in circles.  Apparently opposite ideas can seem very closely related.  In politics the further right you go, the more left the ideas and the further left the more right.  In image, computer geek with long unwashed hair, black t-shirt and ragged jeans is not all that far from rock star.

So what about music?  Are all the available notes arranged only in a linear form?  Is is still a chord if the notes played are from distant octaves?  Is it still harmony if the high note sitting in its office way up on the end of the keyboard is matched with a note that hangs out with its popular mates in the middle?

Picasso deconstructed violins and guitars, and they became boxes of painted steel, stacked upon each other, hard edged and inorganic.  A bit like a jazz tune put together from chords disentangled and resassembled, each somehow dischordant but belonging.

We all live busy lives.  We work, and raise children and pay off mortgages, and in the busyness our voices become silent, our instruments lay still. 

What is most important is not whether there is an audience.  The note is still beautiful when it is played, whether or not it is heard.   The important thing is that the note is sounded.  And if there are other notes that sound with it, there will be chords. And some of these will be beautiful too.

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