Sunday, August 29, 2010

The arrival of the spring goddess

Today the sun shone as I rode around our lake, dodging people and dogs and strollers and pedal bikes.  People were out in their numbers.  Spring is not far away.

And so I emerge from my hybernation from this blog.  A lot has happened.

Soon after I last blogged I bid for and bought a house.  Then followed some early packing, so that the painters could get into the old house, and a week away to let them do their thing.  The painters were followed in by gardeners, carpet layers, and decorators.

In late June my old house went on the market and soon after was sold.  Across those weeks more packing, and in early July a truck to move me to the new house.  Sales on the old and new went through.  A new mortgage was established.

And here I am now, reasonably settled into the new house (and loving its location), but still slowly unpacking the secondary layer of boxes.  For quite a while I was able to find most of what I needed but I have begun to reach the 'where ares my screwdrivers?  my grandfather's fish photos?  my blue socks?' phase.

I haven't moved for more than 15 years and have little call to travel across town as one of the reasons I moved was to be closer to work.  I did go back last week to visit my doctor though - because it is nearly impossible here in Canberra to get in as a new patient in any other doctors surgery.  It was a little weird, both as a reminder that I have in fact moved (this isn't just a short stay away from home) and that I don't really miss the old place.

I am still learning about the new place though, and the new suburb.  Today, after a slow start and a bike ride, I unpacked the final boxes in the kitchen, and repacked a few boxes to take to the opp shop.  Then I found the sunny spot in the garden, made myself a cup of tea, and read a few pages of my book.  I am glad I made the move.

And to continue the Asian theme that steeps unpredictably through this blog, soon after I put the deposit down on the house in early May, I went on a short holiday to Hong Kong.  We packed a lot into four days, including bike riding in the New Territories, the festival of Tin Hau (Goddess of the Sea),

a day trip to Macau,

a Tears for Fears concert, a little shopping, and a ride on a junk.

This is one of my favourite photos - the main hall in a walled village - with photos ancestors and revered elders, and additional decoration for the festival of the Sea Goddess.

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